Places to Make the Most of Cheap Tickets to Chicago

There are now available cheap tickets going Chicago from the different parts of the US. If you are going to visit Chicago, you will see a lot of things that would leave you in awe of the place. Chicago being known as Illinois’ largest city is populated by millions of people. Being a melting pot of different cultures, this makes Chicago all the more interesting to visit. Aside from being the largest city in Illinois, Chicago is mostly notable for its teams like Chicago Cubs and of course the Chicago Bulls which reined the NBA for quite some time.

There are millions of domestic visitors to Chicago annually and more so for international visitors. According to the statistics, Chicago actually acquired 11 billion worth of income from tourism alone. This simply means that if you are after a great place to visit, Chicago’s popularity will speak for itself.

If you will have cheap tickets to Chicago, make sure you visit these spots in order to enjoy the city. From museums to parks to the Lake Point Tower; all these sites will give you an overall great experience. From the games that you could watch to the different parks that you could simply relax, Chicago is among the most popular hot spots not only in the US today but also in the whole world.

Cloud Gate

The cloud gate is among the most popular landmarks in Chicago. It is basically a centerpiece sculpture in the AT&T Millenium Park. Constructed between the years 04-06, this sculpture is also nicknamed as “The Bean” because of its odd shape. A great number of tourists every year from those who availed of cheap tickets to the first class ones gather to get a glimpse of this stainless steel structure.

Navy Pier

The Navy Pier is actually a long pier built along the shoreline of Lake Michigan. This is actually popular because of its multi purpose functions. From being a warehouse to being a cargo facility, the Navy Pier is now one of the many great landmarks that Chicago can offer its tourists.

Chicago Cultural Center

If you are after a historical site that already hosted dignitaries, the Chicago Cultural Center is the place for you. Located in Washington Street, it is a building constructed 1897 for the purpose of serving as the reception venue of for the presidents and other foreign dignitaries visiting Chicago. According to statistics, since 2007, this is among the most highly popular spots in the city.

If you are going to visit, Chicago, it is highly suggested that you plan your trip before hand. When you make that plan ahead of time, you will actually get discounts and other perks given to so-called early birds. Chicago is a nice place to visit and in fact these three sites given are only a few of the places that you could see in Illinois’ largest city. With the cheap tickets available every once in a while you could get to see Chicago even if you have a tight budget.